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Payroll Outsourcing

Once the selection process is finished on our customers’ side, our team will be in charge of:

  • Support him in the execution of the employment contract.
  • Manage resumes.
  • Affiliations to the comprehensive general health and social security system
  • We take over the payroll settlement process.
  • Of the social security settlement form.
  • Consolidation of social benefits.
  • Settlement of labor contracts.
  • Processing of collection of labour disabilities before the entities.
  • Development of magnetic media for the DIAN.
  • *Does not include SG-SST processes.

In addition to the extensive knowledge and experience of our work team, we use the NOVASOFT payroll software, this combination allows greater control, traceability and risk mitigation in the payroll process. NOVASOFT contains employee information, control of working hours, and the historical record since the hiring of either one employee or hundreds of them, we are organized to meet the various needs of the payroll outsourcing.